Issue #1


Big Break


Scott Snyder, Stephen King


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque


Jim Lee

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

Witness the birth of a brand new species of vampire in this new ongoing series that begins with five extra-sized issues featuring back-to-back stories by exciting new writer Scott Snyder and the master of horror himself, Stephen King! When notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet is attacked by an old enemy (who happens to be a member of the undead), the first American vampire is born... a vampire powered by the sun, stronger, fiercer, and meaner than anything that came before. Plus... Pearl Jones is a struggling young actress in 1920s Los Angeles. But when her big break brings her face-to-face with an ancient evil, her Hollywood dream quickly turns into a brutal, shocking nightmare.


Los Angeles, California - July, 1925Edit

Sidewinder, Colorado - 1880Edit


Los Angeles, California - July, 1925Edit

Pearl Jones, a young aspiring actress, works several jobs in order to achieve her dream. Her friend and roommate, Hattie Hargrove, find a mysterious man by the pool in their women only apartment complex and threaten to report him.

In a chance encounter, Pearl meets Chance Hamilton, a famous Hollywood actor, who then invites her to producer B.D. Bloch's party that night.

Both Hattie and Pearl attend the party, only to discover that the party is run by vampires. Pearl is attacked and fed upon before being dumped in a desert 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

Sidewinder, Colorado 1880Edit

Will Bunting begins to relate the origins of Skinner Sweet, the first American Vampire, as told in his novel, Bad Blood .

Skinner Sweet is being transported by train by James Book and his fellow lawmen to be tried for his crimes.

Skinner begins to relate a tale from six months prior. Skinner and his gang had robbed the Bakersville, CO bank (owned by Percy) for $20,000 while taking advantage of the bank's current visitors. Afterward, they hid out in an old abandoned mine.

At this point, Skinner's gang successfully derail the train and manage to free Skinner. It is revealed that Skinner sent a bottle of poisoned wine to James Book's wife shortly before Skinner shoots Book.

Percy reveals himself as a vampire and attacks Skinner, only to be shot in the eye and gush blood on Skinner and his mortal wounds. This appears to turn him into a vampire.



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