Issue #10


The Way Out, Part 1


Scott Snyder


Mateus Santoluco


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

1936 - American Vampire Pearl Jones and her husband Henry Preston have tried to live a quiet life ever since their showdown with a coven of vicious Hollywood vampires. But when a chance encounter brings them face-to-face with old enemies, they'll learn the hard way that sometimes, the fight comes to you. . . with a vengeance. Catch up with your favorite vampire-killing husband-and-wife team in this 2-part tale of booze, bullets and bloodlines.


Unknown - 1936-1937Edit

Arrowhead, California - December, 1936Edit


Unknown - 1936-1937Edit

Hattie Hargrove survived her last encounter with Pearl and is now the prisoner of a vampire. Every month during the weakness of the full moon, he tries different materials to try and find the bane of her type of vampire, Homo Abominum Americana.

During the New Year's celebration, the vampire enters her cell and throwsa bottle of champagne at her in fury. As he leaves, Hattie grabs the cork. She sharpens the cork and attaches it to the end of a bone during the next month until he vampire reappears. As he enters for her monthly appointment, she stabs and kills him.

Free, she walks out of the prison and finds herself at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. She sets fire to the station and begins to search for Pearl in hopes of getting revenge.

Arrowhead, California - December, 1936Edit

Henry and Pearl enjoy a normal, married life together - the exception being that Pearl feeds on Henry every night.

One evening, Henry joins a traveling band at the local bar. Afterward, the agent offers to find him gigs and hands him his card.

Henry decides to take him up on that offer and walks into his office where humans are being milked for blood. The vampires prepare to attack and Pearl jumps in to fight them off.


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