Issue #2


Morning Star


Scott Snyder, Stephen King


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque


Bernie Wrightson

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

It's been nearly 20 years since notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet was buried on boot hill. But when a group of grave-robbing collectors of Western memorabilia uncover his final resting place, they find much, much more than they bargained for. And: Pearl Jones was attacked and left for dead by a cabal of powerful Hollywood vampires. Now, a mysterious stranger comes calling and Pearl gets a second chance at life - and at revenge.


Los Angeles, California - July 1925Edit

Sidewinder, Colorado - 1880-1909Edit


Los Angeles, California - July, 1925Edit

Henry Preston and Hattie Hargrove discover Pearl in the desert after finding that she was missing. Having been bitten and losing a lot of blood, the doctors at the hospital state that her body is shutting down and it is only a matter of time before she dies.

That night, presumably July 4th due to the fireworks outside, Skinner Sweet enters Pearl's hospital room and turns her into a vampire using his blood.

When she awakes in the morgue, she returns to her apartment to find Skinner waiting for her in her bed. He briefly explains what has happened to her, how a vampire like them can be in the sun and then departs, leaving a note behind. This note explains the weaknesses of their enemies (the original vampires who killed Pearl) and neglects to mention their own weakness. He also leaves Chance Hamilton in her closet to feed upon. She interrogates Chance before leaving him drained in his dressing room.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Will Bunting continues to relate the origin of Skinner Sweet.

Sidewinder, Colorado - 1880Edit

Skinner is buried in Sidewinder's graveyard when this story begins.

James Book enters a coma for 4 days after the train escape. When he wakes up, he discovers that Ella had succumbed to the poisoned wine.

Percy attends a meeting with other European vampires who express concern that Percy's blood may have turned Skinner into a vampire. Percy explains that the blood did not turn Skinner and that it is a moot point anyway, seeing how the town and graveyard he was buried in is going to be under 60 feet of water once the dam is built.

James Book visits his wife's grave in Cruces, New Mexico before heading out to Arizona with Will Bunting and Felix Camillo.

Sidewinder, Colorado - 1883Edit

The dam is complete and Sidewinder is completely flooded with water.


James Book, Will Bunting, and Felix Camillo bring down Butch Yeager and his gang as well as the Nevada Kid.


Felix Camillo marries Benita Juarez, daughter of Javier Juarez. James Book was his best man.


Will Bunting begins to write his book, Bad Blood.


Felix and Benita have a daughter, named Abilena. James Book is named godfather. Benita does not survive the birth.

Lakeview, Colorado - 1909Edit

Scavengers dive in the lake that replaced Sidewinder to obtain Skinner Sweet's skull. Skinner is freed of his coffin and feeds upon the scavengers before heading to Lakeview.


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