Issue #28


The Blacklist, part 1


Scott Snyder


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Jared K. Fletcher


Rafael Albuquerque


Greg Capullo

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

The next AMERICAN VAMPIRE epic begins here with part one of “The Blacklist .” 1950’s Hollywood is in the grip of “The Red Scare,” but in this twisted tale it’s more than just the political scene that runs red. Our gal Pearl and Skinner Sweet return to the town where it all started for them, only to learn that things have gotten much worse since they left This massive story with major revelations is NOT to be missed! Plus, this issue features a variant cover by BATMAN artist Greg Capullo!


Los Angeles, California - 1954Edit


Los, Angeles, California - 1954Edit

Pearl Preston returns to Hollywood with one of the vampires who attacked her husband, Henry. At the base of the Hollywood sign and tortures him for information on who sent him.

Later, Pearl meets up with Calvin at Los Angeles County Hospital to visit her husband. Calvin asks if she will turn Henry into a vampire to save him. She admits to promising Henry not to turn him. A new doctor appears with nurses to check up on Henry and reveal themselves to be vampires sent to kill them all. After killing the attackers, Calvin suggests going to the Vassels of the Morning Star for help.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California - 1954Edit

Pearl and Calvin meet up with Agent Bixby after Henry has been transported to the Vassels' base under the observatory. Henry has been set up in a secure room and remains in stable condition.

In return for their help, the Vassels ask Pearl to assist in destroying the last remants of a powerful vampire coven left in Hollywood from the 20s. Pearl is eventually convinced to take on this task, even after learning she would have Skinner Sweet as a partner in this venture.

Pearl and Skinner grab guns and prepare to destroy the Hollywood coven.


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