Issue #29


The Blacklist, part 2


Scott Snyder


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Jared K. Fletcher


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave Johnson

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

Skinner Sweet is back! And he’s hunting Hollywood vampires in 1954. But how did he survive the horrible events of Taipan back in WWII? Unlikely alliances are formed, secrets are revealed, and another name gets crossed off “The Blacklist ” as the next major AMERICAN VAMPIRE epic roars on!



Los Angeles, California - 1954Edit

Pearl and Skinner pose as FBI agents investigating from the House Un-American Committe and call upon Hollywood producer, Mr. Wells White.

Wells greets them and ask them to accompany him while he feeds his cats. As they walk to where the cats are kept, Skinner and Pearl stay sharp but are unable to find any vampires nearby.

They discover the cats are, in fact, lions which he feeds raw meat. During their interview, Pearl catches the scent of a vampire being placed in a car by Wells' valet. Pearl goes to attack and kills the vampire while Skinner is set upon by Wells' lions.

After the threats are taken down, they begin to interrogate Wells. Unfortunately, he is shot and killed by a sniper before he can provide any information.

Skinner and Pearl return to the Griffith Observatory to report in to the Vassals of the Morning Star. Skinner decides to report in later and drives off.

Inside, Pearl asks what Agent Bixby and the Vassals have on Skinner to keep him in line. Agent Bixby reveals that after her last encounter with Skinner on Taipan, they were able to implant a device that could inject a solution full of a vampire's weakness. This device allows them to control Skinner.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Hollywood vampire coven meets with his children and advises them to wait as Skinner Sweet will help them tear apart the Vassals and Pearl.


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