Issue #3


Rough Cut


Scott Snyder, Stephen King


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque


Bernie Wrightson

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

The era of the American vampire officially begins as Pearl Jones declares war on the powerful coven of vampires that ended her life, and Skinner Sweet declares war on, well, everyone! Scores will be settled in blood in this installment, the third of five over-sized issues featuring stories by author Scott Snyder and the master of horror himself, Stephen King.


Los Angeles, California - July, 1925Edit

Lakeview, Colorado - 1909Edit


Los Angeles, California - July, 1925Edit

Pearl visits Hattie after having killed Chance Hamilton and give her an envelop of money and a warning to leave the apartment.

Across town, the Hollywood vampire coven discuss Skinner Sweet and whether he will break a treaty they made with him. They reveal they know that Skinner is vulnerable on moonless nights but ultimately decide to not attack Skinner as he could have traveled far away during the day. The coven dispatches a young vampire couple, Edgar and Lucia, to investigate the death of Chance Hamilton.

Pearl attacks Edgar and Lucia as they travel by car to Pearl's apartment and kills them with ease.

Later that night, Pearl visits Henry Preston for their promised date and reveals her new status as a vampire. As night deepens, Pearl feels the weakness that comes on moonless nights and drifts off to sleep.

She is woken by Henry who has received a call. Hattie has been taken hostage and will be killed unless she meets the Hollywood vampire coven at the Hollywoodland sign. She ends up stealing Henry's car and heading off alone.

Elsewhere, Will Bunting continues Bad Blood.

Lakeview, Colorado - 1909Edit

Skinner Sweet arrives in Lakeview and indulges himself in the candy shop found there only to discover his hunger can only be whet with blood.

He slowly discovers the town of Lakeview, killing most everyone he finds.

Percy and the Lakeview coven watch as Skinner finds a warehouse full of explosives and begin to panic.

Mayor Camillo and Chief Finch are warned of the threat and, incredulous that a dead man would be alive, set out to stop him. Skinner sets off the explosives and confronts Finch about the whereabouts of James Book before killing Finch. Mayor Camillo is killed soon afterwards, along with the residents of Lakeview.

Skinner sends a telegram to James Book in Cruces, New Mexico, requesting that he meet him at the Bakersville Mines.

James Book, Felix Camillo and his daughter, Abilena, receive the news and set off for Lakeview.

Percy and the Lakeview coven send for Ronnie Jeeks and the Blackmouth Twins and contemplate making a deal with Skinner.

Jeeks and the Blackmouth Twins camp outside the entrance to the Bakersville Mines while Skinner discovers all the money from the bank robbery has been taken by his gang previously.


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