Issue #5


Curtain Call


Scott Snyder, Stephen King


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque


Paul Pope

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

It all comes down to this: revenge. It's payback time, as fledgling vampire Pearl Jones finally confronts the vicious Hollywood coven that left her for dead, and Will Bunting reveals the final, shocking chapter in the saga of James Book and his deadliest adversary, American vampire Skinner Sweet . Be there for the unforgettable, double conclusion to the first arc of AMERICAN VAMPIRE.


Los Angeles, California - 1925Edit

Cruces, New Mexico - 1912Edit


Los Angeles, California - 1925Edit

After preparing for battle, Pearl and Henry attack the Hollywood coven at their studio and kill them all.

Before leaving, Pearl confronts Hattie and discovers that Hattie used the blood from the knife she cut Pearl with to become a vampire. Pearl defeats her and stuffs a gold star off a dressing room door into Hattie's mouth, leaving her for dead. Hattie's reaction to the gold reveals to Pearl a weakness to her strain of vampires.

On the beach that night, Pearl and Henry plan their life together. In a moment alone, Pearl is confronted by Skinner who admits to considering killing her. He offers to team up with her and work together on his plans but she refuses and he leaves Pearl to Henry.

Will Bunting concludes his story with Skinner Sweet in the audience.

Cruces, New Mexico - 1912Edit

James Book unsuccessfully searches for a cure to his vampirism with Abilena Camillo. Abilena continues to profess her love to James and is pushed away.

Will Bunting admits that he doesn't know if Skinner Sweet was ever recovered from the mine but he believes he has. It's shown that Skinner was dug up by prospectors whom he kills to recover.

James convinces Abilena to kill him on a moonless night in exchange for having his baby. After James reluctantly agrees, both sides follow through on their part.

Skinner confronts Percy and his coven and destroys them all, beginning his plans.

Abilena has a daughter and Will Bunting travels with them.

At the end of the reading in 1925, a scared man hands Will a note from Skinner. Skinner tells Will that he will not kill him but instead will let him, "suffer and die."

As Skinner walks out of the book store, Abilena shows her daughter, Felicia, the man who destroyed her father and promises to kill him, "Not today, but soon."


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