Issue #7


Devil in the Sand , Part 2


Scott Snyder


Rafael Albuquerque


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

1935, Las Vegas. Skinner Sweet is suspect number one behind the mystery of the bloodless victims – but could he just be a blood-red herring? Meanwhile, young police Chief Cash McCogan has his hands full with two FBI agents who may not be what they seem. Don't miss part two of "Devil in the Sand ," and learn the secret history of Las Vegas!


Las Vegas, Nevada - 1936Edit

Arrowhead, California - 1936Edit


Las Vegas, Nevada - 1936Edit

Cashel, Jack, and Felicia confront Skinner, known as Mr. Smoke, in The Frontier Hotel. Cashel requests to speak to the girl who spent time with Howie the night before only to find out that she was not present at the assumed time of death.

As they leave, Felicia berates Cashel for letting Skinner off easy. Cashel explains that his adopted father was gunned down outside The Frontier and that it was not easy for him to respect the law and not attack the man he suspects did it.

As Cashel follows a potential lead on the death of Howie, he recalls the time he met his father at his cave hideaway and told him his wife was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Felicia and Jack discuss Felicia's outburst earlier in the day and it is revealed they do not work for the FBI, as previously explained, but for the Vassals of the Morning Star. Jack and Felicia also know that Mr. Smoke is Skinner Sweet.

Once Jack leaves, Skinner approaches Felicia and reminds her that the Vassals have made an Immunity deal with Skinner. He also alludes to being able to smell her father on her.

The next day, Cashel, Jack, and Felicia tour the Hoover Dam construction and inquire about possible enemies who may have wanted to kill Howie. Daniel Filmont, another Consortium partner, evades their questions until he sees a picture of Howie's corpse. He then runs to call a mysterious vampire who assures that a team is on its way. Before the call can be ended, the same vampire with wings kills Daniel.

Outside, the team hears the cry and enter the small office to discover Daniel's remains. Jack and Felicia begin to explain vampires to Cashel.

Arrowhead, California - 1936Edit

An older man and woman approach the home of Pearl and Henry Preston.


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