Issue #9


Devil in the Sand, Conclusion


Scott Snyder


Rafael Albuquerque, Mateus Santolouco (Page 1-3)


Dave McCaig


Steve Wands


Rafael Albuquerque

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Publisher's Summary[1]Edit

The terrifying conclusion of "Devil in the Sand " ends with a bloody battle and a vampire who proves America ain't the only country with a unique kind of bloodsucker. Plus, a shocking betrayal will change the lives – and the relationship – of Skinner and Pearl forever. And for vampires, "forever" is a very, very long time…


Las Vegas, Nevada - 1936Edit


The story opens up to 3 boys, fresh off a train, being introduced as orphans by a priest. Two of the boys are chosen for adoption by individuals of the crowd, leaving young Cashel alone. The Sheriff arrives and asks about papers for the boys and, while the priest goes to retrieve copies, he decides to adopt Cashel.

Las Vegas, Nevada - 1936Edit

Cashel is in shock as Jack and Felicia prepare for a battle with his father, a vampire from the Strigus Gaelic-Prime species, long thought to have become extinct in the 1700s. The agenst prepare new brass bullets in their mini-foundry as Cashel drives to his father's usual hiding spot.

When they arrive, Cashel asks for a moment alone and heads into the cave. Gus shows Cashel the bones of his mate, Aednat. He admits to doing this for revenge on those who killed his wife. As they talk, the 5 vampires who arrived in Vegas to clean up this mess enter the cave.

Skinner shows up and sides with Gus as they attack the 5 vampires. The agents join in on the attack but Jack is killed and Felicia bit. The vampire who bit Felicia recoils in pain before being shot.

The battle is won by Skinner and the agents. As a farewell, Skinner fires a brass bullet into Gus and is about to kill Cashel when Felicia shoots him with a gold bullet. Skinner retreats.

Cashel and Felicia hunt Skinner down to his hotel, The Frontier. As they enter his room, they find Skinner holding Cashel's pregnant wife, Lilly, hostage with a syringe full of Skinner's blood. Skinner injects Lilly's stomach with the blood before being shot once more by Felicia.

Skinner escapes on a train to Los Angeles and it is inferred that Lilly dies from complications during the birth of her infected child.

Silverton, Colorado - 1936Edit

Cashel continues on his way to find a safe place to raise his vampire baby boy.


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